Pagos Turkish Peshtemal Towel/Scarf/Throw

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The Pagos Peshtemal is the perfect blend of boho chic and functionality. Lightweight, gauzy, and woven with hand drawn pattern, it is available in four neutral colorways that will go with any outfit or home decor.

As with all of our peshtemals, use the Pagos however you like - beach or bath towel, throw, scarf, shawl...the possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

The Pagos is a double-layered peshtemal, and with the pattern colors fully reversed on the other side. Just throw one in your bag and you will be ready for anything!

Size: 37 x 67 inches (approximate) Weight 11 ounces Made from 100% hand-loomed Turkish cotton in the inner Aegean region of Denizli.

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