Crystal Infused Candle

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Each candle is infused with charged crystals and made with 100% Soy Wax, cotton wicks, and the highest grade of fragrances. The hand-picked stones are carefully placed in each candle and will glow as the candle burns.

8oz Candle in Glass Jar. Stone size, shape and color will vary as they are all natural.


Amethyst- Sugarcane, lemon zest, strawberry, plum, blue raspberry, simple syrup, vanilla bean, fruity musk, crystalized amber.

Rose Quartz - Pink geranium, red currant, sweet pea, peach ambergris, tonic bean, cherry blossom, whipped vanilla, amber.

Onyx - Citron, orange peel, eucalyptus, bergamot, yang yang, wild mint, lavender, oak moss, Tonka, sandalwood.

Ruby - Sugar, lime, orange, strawberry, mango, dragonfruit, papaya, cherry pulp, vanilla bean fruity musk.

Jade - Sparkling ginger, citrus, bergamot, orange peel, watermelon, sweet
raspberry, rosebud, cyclamen, whipped vanilla, tonic bean, creamy sandalwood.

Clear Quartz - Bergamot, coconut flakes, Cyclamen, calone, geranium, clove leaf.

Aquamarine - Fresh Salt, mineral water accord, lemon peel, golden sage, violet petal, princess pine, driftwood.

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