Creepy Cotton Candy - Kitchen Towel

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Ghosts and Goblins BEWARE...something scary is cooking up in the kitchen this Halloween! Deck your hallows for Halloween where tricks and treats are sure to be sweet!  But you better hurry, cause like the "good" candy after the big night, this deal won't last for long. Limited quantities are available.Hello

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Fit & Material: 

  • 100% pure, all-natural ring spun cotton - Because unlike towels at department stores, our cotton towels LOVE water and just can’t seem to get enough! 
  • Oversized 27” x 27" - Because drying BIG dishes with SMALL towels is THE WORST!  
  • Commercially applied with a commercial-grade heat pressed image - We want you to have the best, but also keep it in-house, personal and unique.  Designed and created here in the USA! 
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