Candle Making Kit

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Perfect for a day when you're feeling creative, or a night with friends and wine, or a cold wintery afternoon spent indoors.

This candle kits allows you to make a 100% soy wax candle with just the use of a microwave! yep, its that easy with this kit.

Desert candle kit includes:
100% soy wax flakes fragrance oil of choice 
3.4 oz
106.5 ml glass vessel wick + wick sticker
Wick holder
Stirring stick

memory no.007 - santa catalina
NOTES [top - middle - bottom]
orange and lemon + clove and pine + cinnamon and moss

memory no.008 - wildflower
NOTES [top - middle - bottom]
succulent + fresh cut wildflowers + patchouli

Made in United States

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